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Gutter FAQ

Q: What is a seamless gutter?


Seamless gutters are custom cut-to-fit on-site with a special gutter machine.  This machine takes a heavy roll of flat aluminum and folds it into the shape of a gutter.   


The installation crew takes careful measurements, and then create gutters in a length to cover as much of a straight line as needed – even over 100 feet!  There are no seams in the length – even at the downspouts.  A fitting is punched into the gutter, in a way that any leakage is into the downspout.  This results in a leak-proof gutter.


Q: Why pay for seamless gutters instead of standard gutters, like I can get at my local home improvement big box store?


Great question!


Most importantly: No seams = no leaks!


You can buy sections of gutters at home improvement stores, but you’ll likely end up with leaks over time.  This is such a common problem, that you’ll find sealants and other goo sold to help homeowners that have leaks.


For example:



Q: What’s the big deal about leaking ?  It’s just a little rain water…


Remember that the rainwater has been on your roof, where it picks up tar, dirt, animal droppings, plant residue, etc.  When you have a leak, these materials will gather and deposit on your home, on your eaves, soffit, fascia, or wall.  It looks awful over time and adds to the maintenance costs of your home.


Your eaves and gutters are designed to direct water away from key parts of your house.  These leaks can put dirty rainwater in paths down your windows, screens, possibly increasing water damage, and onto flat surfaces where deposits may be visible.

Q:  OK, I get it: Leaks are bad.  But what other benefits are there?


Seamless gutters are also more attractive.  Since our eyes are drawn to discontinuities, people notice the seams or the transition joints.  Once leaks form, there are often discolorations on the gutter and the fascia or wall below.


Lower-cost or inferior gutter systems look like an after-thought.  A seamless gutter can blend into the chosen look for your home – functional and not a distraction.  Good designers sometimes choose gutters to blend in, and sometimes to stand out!  Either way, they can enhance the curb appeal of your home.


Seamless gutters withstand the effects of our crazy Texas weather, where heat and cold lead to expansion and contraction, which causes seams and transitions to leak.  The occasional freezing temps that break down seams don’t create leaks – since there aren’t seams!


Seamless gutters direct rainwater where you choose, not where leaks develop.  This keeps water away from your home’s foundation, or basement.  It also protects your landscaping, by maintaining your mulch and soil in place. 



Q:  I’ve heard of other types of gutters, like steel?


Steel gutters are sometimes used where there are high-capacity and weight needs.  For example, where heavy rains are frequent, or where snow and ice are a way of life.  They are commonly used for commercial buildings.


We use seamless aluminum gutters to serve our Texas clients. Here are some other benefits:

Rust-free and corrosion-free.  Aluminum doesn’t rust or corrode; it’s a no-maintenance material.


Durable, factory-applied color.  Aluminum gutters come with a factory-applied finish that is available in a wide variety of colors to match your home and/or roof. The finish won’t wear off or require maintenance unless you have to touch up scratched areas.


Affordability.  Seamless aluminum gutters cost less than other types of gutters.


One-day installation.  TBRG’s trained installers complete a seamless gutter installation on most homes in a single day, assuming that the fascia boards along the eaves are in good condition.  This includes removal of existing gutters.

Example of Vinyl Gutters with Seams

Q: What colors do you offer ?


We use two local Fort Worth vendors, with dozens of color options.  Builders often use standard colors, so that they know they will have a match with the most common and asked-for gutter colors.  Our representative can help you choose.  


Click here to see our standard colors. 


We can also special order, but it takes time, so please give us lots of heads up to arrange that!


Q: Do you warranty your product ?


TBRG clients enjoy years of worry-free protection.  After installation, we hope you never have to think about gutters again!  (That’s our job…)


TBRG uses industry-leading materials from Senox and Denver Southwest.  This material is carries a 50-year warranty.  The installation by TBRG carries a two-year warranty. 


If you’d like to learn more about other gutter options available for your home, please let us know. We enjoy educating our customers about the products we install and will gladly answer any questions you may have about our seamless rain gutters.



Q: Do I need to be home when you come to quote our gutters ?


Nope - although we Texans would enjoy meeting you and answering any questions you might have.  Provided we have access to the exterior of your home, we can measure and provide a quote without your presence.


Some of our repeat clients have never met our estimators or even our installation teams!

Free Estimate:  817.444.7355

Free Estimate:  817.444.7355

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